About Me


With Decorative Painting You Can:

  • Create the illusion of depth and space
  • Add texture (real or imagined)
  • Bring the "outdoors" in
  • Carry themes throughout a room or whole house
  • Create fun, fantasy kids' rooms
  • Hide water damage and scratches on furniture
  • Add a window and view where none exists


Melissa Barrett Paint Design:

Custom mural painting, decorative wall treatments and trompe l'oeil, in Portland and Salem, Oregon.

A custom-designed mural can readily evoke the flavor of Tuscany, the tranquility of a tropical beach, the intrigue of a favorite superhero, the excitement of sports, or the wonders of the ocean depths. Each project is treated individually, working through color choices and design concepts that fit your needs, producing a final work of art that will delight and inspire you, all in a professional manner with results guaranteed to please. My goal is to exceed your expectations! Consider bringing more color into your life at home or in your business, be it one wall or a whole room.

As you browse through the galleries, keep in mind that there is no need to be limited by style and subject matter shown. Murals and decorative finishes will be tailored to meet your specific needs; tranquil, transparent, airy; to vivid, bold and inspiring; to perhaps just an interesting backdrop to hang pictures upon.

Have you been thinking about redecorating your living room, adding pizzazz to the bathroom, or indulging your child with a fabulous theme room?

Call today! (503) 997-9935



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